Individual, Family, and Parent Therapy Sessions

for Children, Adolescents, and Adults


Every therapist at the Center  promotes a safe and secure environment in which each client can feel comfortable with the therapist and comfortable with themselves. They  provides therapeutic services that promote symptom reduction and symptom management for individuals and families of all ages. 


Therapy helps clients process conflict and obtain more effective coping skills to manage and change problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and physical symptoms. Therapy can help clients learn how to challenge and resolve obstacles that interfere with helpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It may also help people resolve conflicts within themselves or within relationships with others to increase quality of life.


Each therapist utilizes specific treatment approaches that target the presenting concerns of each client. Of importance the therapists at the Cetner use evidence-based treatment methods to reduce barriers that interfere with positive and healthy functioning. These evidence-based therapy methods have been widely researched and found to work for various treatment goals.

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