Psychological Testing

Assessments are provided to adults and youth for many reasons, such as increasing a person's understanding of their own functioning in ways that talk therapy may not provide and medical screening do not account for, providing information to the therapist or other medical professionals that are part of a patient's treatment team, helping teachers and school professionals structure an environment that is in the student's best interest.

Assessment services range from:


IQ and Achievement testing

Personality Assessment

ADD/ADHD evaluations

Trauma evaluations


(Assessments conducted in English and/or Russian)

Insurance companies differ in their coverage of testing services. Some may cover more than others. Although many insurance companies do not cover psychological testing, those who do will typically reimburse a portion of the costs. When a patient calls the insurance company to determine their benefits for testing services, it may be helpful to ask some of the following questions:


• Is the cost of psychological testing covered? 
• Is there a deductible? 
• What portion will be reimbursed? 
• Is a referral needed from a primary care physician? 
• Is pre-authorization required?  


If the insurance company requests a list of the tests being administered, the Center can provide that information. The patient will receive a coded billing statement at the follow-up appointment which the patient can then submit to the insurance company for reimbursement.


Testing typically takes several sessions because it takes time to complete the tests and collect the data. The initial data collection phase is then followed by a period of data analysis by the doctor and report writing time. 


Each patient will receive a complete testing report with the results and descriptions of the data, as well as a summary of results and treatment recommendations. A follow-up feedback session is also provided to the patient.

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