Specialties & Services

Our licensed therapists not only provide supportive talk therapy, but place a large focus on skills-based training to help you better manage specific symtpoms and behaviors. These often include self-regulation, distress tolerance skills, and mindfulness training.


Our treatment approach is designed to assess each client and fit to meet specific healthcare needs. 


Services by Appointment Only

Our Specialties

Treatment for children, adolescents, and adults in individual, family, and parent coaching sessions. 


Our specialized training includes treatment for depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood instability, autism, anger management, trauma, self-injry, parenting stress, relationship stress, and more...


Psychological/Psycoeducational Testing

Psychological testing is provided in English and/or Russian and ranges from Cognitive, Learning, ADHD, Trauma, Achievement, & Personality Assessments. IEP and 504 plan consultations and recommendations are offered through psychoeducational assessments.




Therapy for individuals and families.


Our clinical specialties include, anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression, mood, ADHD, Autism, grief, self-injury, and parenting stress.



Group Therapy & Workshops

Listen, learn, and receive helpful feedback from similar others in a supportive and safe environment. Groups for children, teens, and parents offered.



Parent Coaching

We work with parents to help with behavioral interventions, active listening, enhancement of parenting skills, improvement of parent-child relationships and family dynamics.



Anxiety Treatment

A therapist will help enhance understanding of anxiety, modify repetitive and intrusive thoughts/behaviors, and increase quality of life.




Biofeedback uses technology and the mind-body connection. It helps strengthen the mind's control over mental and body functions to manage anxiety, stress, pain, OCD addiction, and mood disorders.



Pet Therapy

Therapy dogs help promote comfort and support. They help regulate body responses (e.g. heart rate) while processing significant and uncomfortable experiences.



Massage Therapy & Acupuncture

Massage therapy, body work, acupuncture, cupping detox, and chakra energy aligntment to treat an relax the mind and body. Services provided by a licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist. 




Understand and modify how the mind and body influence one another and effect overall well-being with professional support.



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