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Described by clients as "compassionate", "warm", "professional", "skilled" and  "helpful".


"Thank you for everything. I am so glad that I met you and that we have done the work that we did. It really has begun to change my life. I have been afraid of flying and am glad to have learned all of the skills necessary to manage my symptoms. I recently traveled out of State and took a 5 hour plane ride to get there. My plane ride was great!  I used every single tool that we practiced and it was great! I didn't even use one bit of my prescribed Xanax and I feel pretty darn good. I have learned that it is a matter of learning to think differently. Thank you so much for everything and for changing my life!" 

                                          -Adult Woman with 

Anxiety, Panic, and Trauma History


"I appreciate your knowledge and skills. You have made my child and myself feel comfortable from the very beginning. You have provided both myself and my child with skills to use at hard times and we have learned so much about ourselves and each other through this process."
-Parent of a Teenager
 with Depression and Anxiety
"My daughter's issues have greatly improved after working with Dr. Basov. We will continue to work at it, but a great base has been established during our work together."
-Parent of a Pre-Teenager 
with Depression
"I have really connected with Dr. Basov and have been able to really trust her, even though it has not been easy for me to trust doctors in the past. Dr. Basov has opened my eyes to seeing the good in myself and she believed that I was something special. She did not give up on me even when I was giving up on myself. With her help, I have changed for the better."
  -Teenager with Trauma History, 
Suicidal Ideation, and
"Thank you for helping me and supporting me. I have felt very comfortable sharing and felt very safe working with you. I have grown as a person and feel so much better now. I learned to manage and understand my feelings better and now I know how to handle them and react to them. Overall, I grew as a person because of you."
-Teenager with Trauma History, 
Depression, Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, 
and Suicidal Ideation 
"Thank you so much for everything. You helped me change from a scared little girl to a confident young lady. I learned new skills to help cope with my anxiety and now I feel so much safer and not as scared."
-Pre-Teen with Anxiety 
and Panic Disorder
"Thank you for helping me! Without you, this would be me: (picture of a ball of anger). I really appreciate your help and kindness."
-Teenager with a emotion 
regulation difficulty
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